Elementary Sign Up: https://bit.ly/3aAoSsW High School Sign Up: https://bit.ly/3AF4f9J #WeRWillow
about 6 hours ago, Tara Prachar
Conference Sign Up
LiveStream Link: https://bit.ly/3lZ9qwZ #MLWR
about 11 hours ago, Tara Prachar
Livestream Link
Come join us for some fun! #WeRWillow
1 day ago, Tara Prachar
Halloween Costume Parade
It's a great day for a big, messy art project! Check out our Fall sticker wall! #WeRWillow
5 days ago, Tara Prachar
wall art
wall art
wall art
wall art
Hang in there Rebel Fans! #MLWR
6 days ago, Tara Prachar
Football Update
Shout out to all of our Students who participated in Hawaiian Day for Homecoming! #WeRWillow
8 days ago, Tara Prachar
Hawaiian Day
Hawaiian Day
Hawaiian Day
Tomorrow kicks off 2021 Homecoming in our High School! We're looking forward to a fun week ahead! #WeRWillow #MLWR
10 days ago, Tara Prachar
Dress Up Days
Welcome Back Students! #WeRWillow
12 days ago, Tara Prachar
Hybrid Updates
Willow River FFA Chapter Officers attended our Region's Fall Rally event at Central Lakes College in Staples on Thursday. The crew attended a leadership workshop and met FFA members from other Northeast Minnesota chapters. Fun was had by all! #WeRWillow
12 days ago, Tara Prachar
Come cheer on our Student Athletes as they take the field for another night of Rebel Football! The LiveStream link is here: shorturl.at/eilmE #MLWR
13 days ago, Tara Prachar
Football Game
Our WREA Adopt a Highway crew was back at it! They maintain a two mile section of the freeway between Barnum & Mahtowa. Thanks Teachers! #WeRWillow
14 days ago, Tara Prachar
Adopt a Highway
Hey Rebel Fans!!! We've got spirit, how 'bout you?! Come join us this Friday! #MLWR
14 days ago, Tara Prachar
Mini Rebel Cheer
Willow River Families: Here's your reminder to make sure you have a box or cooler ready for tomorrow. #WeRWillow
24 days ago, Tara Prachar
Bags are packed
25 days ago, Tara Prachar
Game rescheduled
It takes a village to make things happen! Shout Out to Lampert Lumber for their generosity today! #ShopLocal #StrongerTogether #WeRWillow
26 days ago, Tara Prachar
Thank you!
When signing up, please include the following information: -Number of children -Pick up or Delivery -If delivery, verify address #StrongerTogether #WeRWillow
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Meals for Students
To see if you qualify: https://5il.co/zkle #WeRWillow #StrongerTogether
26 days ago, Tara Prachar
School Age Care
Mrs. DeRungs is in a new role this year. Elementary Artists have been busy with a new project that we will be sharing soon! #WhyWillow #WeRWillow
26 days ago, Tara Prachar
Mrs. DeRungs
We appreciate your patience while we navigate the days ahead. #WeRWillow
27 days ago, Tara Prachar
Change in Learning Model
Welcome Mrs. Scharf! #WeRWillow #WhyWillow
27 days ago, Tara Prachar
Mrs. Scharf