Spectator Update

Moose Lake/Willow River Spring Sports Procedures

For the Following Athletic Complexes: 

  • Track/Baseball Field @ Moose Lake High School 4812 Co. Rd 10, Moose Lake
  • JrH Baseball at Twilight Field, near Fire/Police Department in Moose Lake
  • All levels of Softball @ Willow River Ballfields (off I-35)

DROP OFF and PARKING (coaches/student-athletes/spectators):
● Coaches/Student-Athletes/Managers: Buses should drop off student-athletes in the Moose Lake School Parking Lot/Willow River City Park Parking lot.Buses should remain parked in the lot for the duration of the game in case of inclement weather.
● All spectators must sign in via a QR code

● Athletes: Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times in practices and competitions. Exceptions apply in track for throwers, hurdlers, vaulters, and high jumpers when competing.
● Coaches: A face mask/covering must be worn at all times.

● Visiting teams will be provided a dugout while playing. (baseball/softball)
● No locker rooms will be available.
● Each team/coach is responsible for providing hand sanitizer for their team.
● Student-athletes and coaches should not leave the field/track during the game.

● Porta Potties will be provided for teams/fans.
● There will be no locker rooms available.
● Each team is responsible for its own hand sanitizer and its own medical kit.
● Student-athletes are required to use hand sanitizer prior to competition.

SPECTATOR SEATING:  All spectators must wear a face mask/covering at all times. Spectators will be allowed outside the fence and may sit on the bleachers. Feel free to bring a chair, but please maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more from those that are not part of your family. No pets are allowed at any time on school grounds. Please arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the game. All spectators must register with the QR code.

● Each team will be responsible for sanitizing their equipment.
● Only necessary equipment for the contest is permitted on school property, this includes hammocks or any equipment that connects to supports or fencing.

● There are no trainers on site.
● Each team is responsible for providing their own medical kit/supplies.

● Student-Athletes and Coaches will be health screened prior to beginning warm-ups and boarding a bus and must be symptom free.


● No handshakes, hugging, fist bumps. • Social distancing must be maintained during time-outs. • Towels must not be shared. Individual towels must stay in each student athlete's designated bench/seating area must not be handled by any individual other than that student-athlete • Competitive pods (Varsity & JV) may remain in the venue for other competitive pod contests as long as masks/face covering are worn and they are separated from spectators by a minimum of 12 feet. • Coaches must provide direction to their student-athletes regarding social distancing and other safety protocols.

● Team celebrations or congratulations must be no-touch and conducted with appropriate physical distancing. • Awards ceremonies must not be held. • Teams must remove trash and belongings from their area. • Post-contest handshakes or fist bumps or hugs are not allowed. • Teams’ post contest meetings must be brief and must observe social distancing. • Team personnel must leave the venue as soon as possible. Recommendations and Considerations • Teams and coaches should consider ways to show physically distanced post-game appreciation for opponents and officials. • No extra-curricular or social activity should take place after the contest. No social congregation after competition.

All spectators at ML-WR events must register with this QR code.