Dear families,

Today's extremely cold temperatures are predicted to continue through the entire week.  The wind chills are expected to exceed -30 degrees each morning this week.  Although we are tough Minnesotans, these temperatures cause concern for our students waiting for the school bus or our student drivers.  It is my hope that we can avoid cancelling school this week.  I ask that our families take extra precautions to ensure the safety of students.  Ensure your child(ren) wear a warm jacket, snow pants, hat, gloves, etc.  If you are able, please consider driving your child(ren) to school instead of having them wait for the school bus.  I will open the school at 7:30 am for parents to drop off students.  Students arriving early will be required to wait in the secondary gym or cafeteria.  For children waiting at the bus stop, consider waiting with them in a heated vehicle.  

Thank you and have a wonderful week.  

Bill Peel 
Superintendent, Willow River Area School