Learning Scenario Change

September 23, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our 14-day rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pine County has exceeded the recommended number for In-Person learning for all students.  This week’s numbers, along with direct coordination with Pine County Health, reflect the need to move to the next learning model, which is Elementary in-person, High School hybrid.

As a result of this necessity, the district will not have school on Monday and Tuesday, September 28 and 29, to allow staff to prepare for the different learning models.  Wednesday, September 30, and all other Wednesdays during this period will be a distance learning day for all students.  Elementary (PreK-6) will return to in-person learning on Thursday, October 1 and will follow the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule.  High School will return to Hybrid on October 1, starting with the B (River) group, which meets on Thursday, Friday.  The following Monday, October 5, will be the A (Willow) group, which meets on Monday and Tuesday.  The district anticipates remaining in this model until October 20, 2020, unless the County 14-day case rate increases or continues to remain above the 10 range.     

Thursday, Sept 24: In-person all students PreK-12

Friday, Sept 25: In-person all students PreK-12

Monday, Sept 28:   No school Pre K-12

Tuesday, Sept 29:  No school Pre K-12

Wednesday, Sept 30 : Distance Learning all students PreK-12

Thursday, Oct 1:    Pre K-6 return to In-person learning                               

High School:  B (River) group In-person Learning                               

High school:  A (Willow) group Distance Learning

Friday, Oct 2:          PreK-6 In-person                               

High School:  B (River) group In-person Learning                                High school:  A (Willow) group Distance Learning

While this decision was made in the best interest of the health and safety of our school community, it certainly is not what any of us wanted for our students or staff.  We recognize that these are challenging times and we know that many of our families are struggling to balance professional and family responsibilities.  We will provide as much support to our students and families as possible.  Please refer to the Willow River Area School Reopening Plan -  2020/2021 for further information.  

The district will provide care for school-age children age 12 and under who are children of critical workers in Tier I of the critical worker list (See Appendix B in the Reopening Plan) on Wednesdays, from 8:00 am - 3:15 pm, during the current model.  Please contact Tori Ribich at 218-372-3131 Ext. 101 if you require care.  

Additionally, if you would like meals on Wednesday, September 30, please contact Tori Ribich, Elementary students, at 218-372-3131 Ext. 101 or Pam Larson, High School students, at 218-372-3131 Ext. 130.  Meals for Wednesday, September 30, can be picked up at the school cafeteria after 9:00 am.   


William Peel