Health Office: School Nurse

Here is a shortlist of the benefits of having a nurse in school for your child:

Care of illnesses/injuries; Communication with parents; Medication Administration for routine and emergency situations; Health Education for students; vision screenings; hearing screenings; Color Screenings; Health plans and staff education of the plans;
immunization monitoring; etc.

I am in the health office from 8 am-3 pm on school days. I have an open-door policy so please stop in or call any time!

Forming relationships with our students and families is very important to me!

COVID-19 Home Screening List

COVID-19 Decision Tree

Pine County Public Health: Responding to COVID-19 in Schools Video Presentation

Health Office FAQ

Rules for Administration of Medication in the Schools

Authorization for Administration of Medication at School Form

Over The Counter Medication Authorization Form

Rule of 24