Most Current Update:

On July 30th, Willow River Area School decided to start the 2020-2021 school year as follows:

Elementary: Full Return to In-Person Learning. STUDENTS WILL ATTEND SCHOOL DAILY IN GRADES K-6.

High School: Full Return to In-Person Learning: STUDENTS WILL ATTEND SCHOOL DAILY IN GRADES 7-12.

These learning scenarios can change as COVID numbers are reported in our county.  We expect the year ahead to require grace, patience and flexibility from all of us.

Plans and Information:

Our committee of 25+ parents, teachers, staff and administrators has been meeting regularly to plan for each possible learning scenario. 

Click here for the link to our Reopening Plan, including sections for In-Person, Hybrid and Distance Learning.

2020-2021 Arrival & Departure Map


Who to Contact with Questions:

Our goal for communication is that all individuals "Go to the Source" with the questions they may have. Going to the source allows everyone to get the most accurate information. During a time such as this, having incorrect information can create confusion. Having all people have the most accurate information allows us to work efficiently to provide what is best for our students.

Please contact the following people with questions you may have:

District Level Questions: Bill Peel, Superintendent / High School Principal. (218) 372-3131 x112 or bpeel@isd577.org

Elementary School Questions: Neil Schiller, Elementary Principal. (218) 372-3131 x201 or nschiller@isd577.org

High School Questions: Melissa Johnson, Assistant to the High School Principal. (218) 372-3131 x128 or mjohnson@isd577.org

Transportation Questions: Nathan Berg, Transportation Director. (218) 372-3131 x267 or nberg@isd577.org

Athletics Questions: David Louzek, Athletic Director. (218) 372-3131 x412 or dlouzek@isd577.org

Classroom specific questions: Contact the teacher. Emails for all teachers can be found on the Staff Directories found here: Elementary and High School.

Archived Information: